Drink Mix Bloody Mary/Caesar

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Best Bloody Mary Seasoning ever. This is a classic drink made extraordinary with our own original blend of spices.

What you Need:
– 1.4 L (48 oz) tin of tomato juice (or clam flavoured tomato juice for Caesar)
– vodka

What to do:
For a Pitcher of Bloody Mary Mix :
Add 14g/20ml (4 tsp) seasoning mix with 1.4 L (48 oz) tin of tomato juice, mix well & refrigerate.

For Bloody Ceasar:
Replace tomato juice with clam flavoured tomato juice.

For a Single Serving:
Add 1.7g (1/2 tsp) seasoning blend to 170 ml (6 oz) tomato juice (or clam flavoured tomato juice) and stir well.
Add 42 ml (1 ½ oz) vodka, ice cubes, stir again, garnish with a celery stick and enjoy.

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