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16oz pint paint tin with attached washer for easy opening. Fragrances blended for the man who loves his soy candles.

Up to 100 hours of burn time. Yes Men .... You use the washer to open the paint can. No additional tools required.

THE BAKER: This candle was inspired for the baker in the family with the warm scent of Cinnamon Rolls, fresh from the oven.

THE BARISTA: A hot cup of goodness! Nothing beats the fresh smell of coffee brewing.

BEACH BUM: This ocean breeze infusion candle is a fragrance that will totally make you feel like you are catching ocean mist while relaxing in your favorite lounger. Enjoy this escape.

THE BIKER: Just like fresh Leather. This will remind you of those long and winding highways on your favorite bike. Leather & Chaps. For the girls & guys!

THE CAMPER: Roaring fire under the stars!

THE HIPPIE: Enjoy this candle from inspired by the "Summer of Love". Patchouli has a deep earthy scent that is unmistakable.

LADIES MAN: The Babe Magnet Scent. With tangerine, bergamot and neroli on top, mid notes of persimmon, jasmine and rosemary combined with a base note of patchouli.

THE LUMBERJACK: Who's the lumberjack in your family? Enjoy this candle scented of Freshly Chopped Wood.

BACON LOVER: Mouth Watering Meat Candy, should we say more?

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