Candles Timberflame

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Hand Poured in Canada

  • Dual Wooden Wick
  • Up to 80 hours of burn time
  • All Natural Soy Wax

Don't forget to re-use this glass for your favorite drink. Simply wash with warm soapy water.


I'm Yours: The sweet and spicy scents of red berries, spicy ginger and vanilla are blending in this wonderful fragrance. Who is your sweetheart love?

Irresistible: The sweet and sensual scents of apple blossoms citrus and lotus water are blended together in this wonderful fragrance. Are you to temping to be resisted?

Bake Sale: Custard, Vanilla and Caramel make up this calorie conscious treat. Your sweet tooth awaits.

Beachside Boardwalk: Coconut Water, Mandarin and Driftwood are blended together to create Beachside Boardwalk. This scent will take you back to those childhood memories of fun in the sun or the romantic walk down the boardwalk with that special someone.

Beautiful Day: Fresh, bright and cheery. Peppermint - Lemon - Lavender

Celebrate: Caramelized Sugar, Milk and Nutmeg round out this delightful way to celebrate any occasion! Who said you can't have a calorie free slice of cake.

Coffee House: Indulge yourself if the beautiful aroma of Espresso, Java and Cappuccino.

Cozy Cottage: Cassis, Peppermint and Juniper make up this warm and cozy all natural soy wax candle. Imagine you are off tucked away in the spot of your own.

Exhale: Warm, woodsy, and spicy. This is an earthy blend that is simply beautiful and will bring your soul down to earth.

Hot Toddy: Sitting by the fire enjoying your favorite fall adult beverage that will warm you up from the inside. Caramel - Vanilla Cream - Rum

Oh Canada: This Canadian Classic is the best ! All natural Canadian Maple in this infused candle will totally set you in that mood of a true Canadian favorite. Maple syrup and tasty maple treats will draw you in. Known for our beautiful Canadian Maple trees and the symbol on our country's national flag, we are "The True North Strong and Free"

Starry Nights: Balsam, Sandalwood and Ripe Fruit are blended to create this inviting aroma. Imagine an evening under the twinkling stars.

Summer Smooch: This Spicy Ginger mixes perfectly with Peach and Jasmine and Lychee to create this perfect floral/fruity inviting scent with a musky base. Turn up the Heat!

Sun Kissed: This uplifting fragrance will remind you of a warm summer day filled with fresh fruit and balanced with soft florals and vanilla. Honeydew - Water Lily - Raspberry

Unwind: Time to slow down and take in your surroundings. It is time to harmonize your mind. This scent is paired with relaxing and soothing lavender and the purity and cleansing scent of sage.

Wanderlust: Wander often and always. Blood orange and berries are enhanced with allspice and vanilla with notes of patchouli and amber. An earthy fragrance filled with memories of travel.

Warm Welcome: This scent evokes the memories of Family, Friends and Fun. Gatherings with Loved ones, creating memories are what you will remember. Apple - Cinnamon - Clove

Wholehearted: Fields of sunflowers flow in this comforting scent as you sit on the porch watching them sway in the wind. Top notes of sunflowers, mid notes of orange blossom and top notes of sandalwood and soft musk. Sunflowers - Sunshine - Love

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