Why Salt?

Why Salt?

Ever since I introduced Hawaiian Sea Salt into my diet I haven’t looked back.  I really try to choose the unrefined sea salts because it’s make up is most like our body’s own composition.  We process and metabolize it much more efficiently.  Plus, all of those “good for you” minerals are still present in the salt. Here at Cindy’s we carry a variety of Hawaiian Sea salts that are smoked, flavoured and fused. These salts will definitely deliver a punch of flavour to any dish you sprinkle with.  Everyone that knows me knows that I love to take a product and see how many different ways I can use it besides the traditional way and salt is a product that surprises me still with how many different ways you can incorporate it into your everyday lives besides seasoning your meats, sweetening and deepening the flavour of melons and fruits and using to pump up the taste of bland starch dishes.

 It is believed that there are more than 15,000 uses of salt and our grandmothers were probably familiar with most of them.  Salt was used for simple things around the home before the use of chemicals and cleaners. Many of the uses are still in play today but are a lot cheaper than using more sophisticated products.

1. Cleaning agent-

Salt is excellent by itself or in combination with other substances. A solution of salt and turpentine restores the whiteness to discoloured enamel bathtubs and toilets and salt and vinegar cleans tarnished brass and copper.

2. Salt helps destroy moths and drives away ants

3. Removes white marks-

I have used this combination of a thin paste of salt and olive oil to remove the white marks caused by hot dishes on my wood tables.

4. Prevents browning of fruit-

Apples, pears, and potatoes to name a few, if dropped in cold, lightly salted water as they are peeled will retain their colour.

5. Improves coffee-

I always reheat my coffee multiple times as I always am getting called to different departments so a pinch of salt will enhance the flavor and remove the bitterness of overcooked coffee.

6. Prevents mood on cheese-

Wrap cheese in a cloth dampened with saltwater before refrigerating.

7. Cleans your coffee pots-

Just put ice cubes and 1/4 of salt and switch it around to take the residue off.

8. Removes wine stains-

If you spill your wine on a tablecloth or rug, blot up as much as possible and immediately cover the wine stain with salt, which will absorb the remaining wine.  Later rinse the tablecloth with cold water, scrape up the salt from the rug and then vacuum the spot.

9. Relieves bee stings-

If you get stung, immediately wet the spot and cover with salt to release the pain.

10. Cleans teeth-

Mix one part salt to two parts baking soda after pulverizing the salt in your blender before mixing.  It helps whiten your teeth, removes plaque and is healthy for your gums.

11. Keeps milk fresh-

Adding a pinch of salt to milk will keep your milk fresh for longer.

12. Keeps cut flowers fresh-

A dash of salt added to your water in a flower vase will keep your flowers fresh for longer.

13. Deodorizes shoes-

By sprinkling a little bit of salt in your canvas shoes occasionally will take up the moisture and help remove the odours.

14. Drip proof your candles-

Soak your new candles in a strong salt solution for a few hours and then dry them well.  This will cause them not to drip when burned.

Please don’t forget to stop in at Cindy’s Too to see our 10 different varieties of Hawaiian Seat Salts as they pair beautifully with our vast selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  And please don’t forget to email me with any fun and different uses you may have with different gourmet products!!


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