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Why I Love Essential Oils!

Inside my home you will find dozens of essential oils. You will always find frankincense and I am never far away from a bottle of lavender. The aroma of lemon, orange, or peppermint can be found in many diffusers throughout my home. Diffusers are such a pleasing and safe way to experience the benefits of essential oils by simply breathing them in.

You may ask why I rely on essential oils and why I believe that everyone else should too.

The reason is simple. Essential oils are a safer, natural remedy and one of the most powerful forms of plant-based medicine in the world. They have been used for centuries for many different reasons.

Essential oils can serve many functions in your life from helping with relaxation and caring for scrapes with children to fighting diseases and promoting healing. If you want to lower high blood pressure, start by using a combination of lavender, ylang ylang, and frankincense. Diffuse cinnamon, grapefruit, and ginger oil at your desk at work to support blood sugar balance. Elevate your mood by breathing in some bergamot, lavender, and Roman Chamomile.

Lower Blood Pressure

Blood Sugar Balance

Elevate Your Mood

In my blog today I want to share with you how essential oils can transform the health of your entire family. I will start with the basic fundamentals for those who are new to essential oils.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are known as “volatile oils”, meaning they evaporate readily and absorb quickly into the body through the skin. The oil’s volatility is what makes it aromatic and useful in aromatherapy as the vapour is released into the air which then carries the essential oil’s scent.

Essential oil penetrates into your skin and is passed deeply into the cells, tissues, organs, and blood stream. They are obtained from plants, including: flowers, leaves, roots, bark, and peels using a steam distillation, cold pressing, or C02 extraction process.

The use of essential oils can enhance your life in many ways, but it is important to remember that they are not cure-alls.

Everyone has a different “essential oil style”. Some use essential oils as natural remedies while others use them to fragrance the air. Some use them to replace toxic personal care products while others use them for everything including their cleaning products, shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, deodorant, and first aid remedies.

I have my own style that I use on a day-to-day basis with my family. My essential oil style is one of “soothing air”. I prefer to diffuse oils as the best way for my entire family to experience the immune boosting, restorative, and energizing abilities of essential oils each and every day.

What’s your essential oil style?

Here are my top essential oil recipes that remind me of Fall y’all!

Natural Grounding Scent

  • 3 drops Frankincense
  • 1 drop Cedarwood

Autumn Fresh

  • 4 drops Lemon
  • 3 drops Lavender
  • 3 drops Rosemary

Fall Wellness

  • 3 drops Cinnamon
  • 2 drops Clove
  • 2 drops Eucalyptus
  • 2 drops Lemon
  • 1 drop Rosemary

Cozy Night In

  • 4 drops Orange
  • 3 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Patchouli

Fall Home Refresh

  • 4 drops Orange
  • 3 drops Cinnamon
  • 2 drops Lemon

Immune Booster

  • 1 drop Orange
  • 1 drop Rosemary
  • 1 drop Eucalyptus
  • 1 drop Cinnamon

Fall Spice

  • 3 drops Orange
  • 2 drops Ginger
  • 2 drops Cedarwood
  • 2 drops Frankincense

New Product at Cindy’s

One of the best ways to intensify the effects of the essential oils is with a Jade roller. This will increase circulation in your face, neck, and may reduce puffiness and swelling. It also helps to push the essential oils into your pores to allow the skin to better absorb the oils. To use apply drops to your face. Run the jade roller over your skin in an upward motion. Press firmly as you roll. Use the small end of the roller under and around the eyes. Continue rolling until the essential oils absorb into your face.

Essential oils have changed my life and they can help change yours. I am a proud wife, mom, and grandmother and what I do helps make my family healthier and stronger each day.

If you enjoyed this blog, I am looking forward to continuing this series during each season.

     General Manager

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love Essential Oils!

  1. MARTINA C. says:

    I really enjoyed your blog, and learning more about essential oils, and their benefits. You are truly passionate and knowledgeable about their benefits and use. I am wondering if my husband who has very little sense of smell would benefit from them?

  2. These are very helpful EO Recipes! I would try Natural Grounding Scent recipe. I use essential oils and have been happy with them.

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