What Flower Represents Your Style?

What flower are you, and what does that say about your clothing?

The Sunflower

You are cheerful, fun and a joy to be around. You’re always smiling and spreading happiness and laughter wherever you go. You know how to have a good time and you’re often the life of party. You brighten rooms, bring cheer and always see the bright side to everything.

When it comes to your fashion choices, things are not much different. You like to light up a room, weather it is with colour or pattern. You’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and wear bold bright colours that others might not dare. You like to stay on trend, while adding a little bit of your own personal flare to everything you wear. You still own those staple black pieces in your wardrobe, however if the choice is there, you’re choosing anything but black!

The Orchid

You are stubborn and opinionated at times. You stand up for what you believe in and are incredibly loyal to those whom you love. You enjoy the luxurious things in life and are never willing to settle for second best. You have a softer side to explore however more often than not you hide this from people.

When it comes to your choices in fashion, you keep things generally neutral. Your favorite fabric colour is black and very rarely will you stray from it. However if the opportunity presents itself, you will break out your army green and deep red pieces. You feel loyal to the clothing you wear and because of that, you have owned many pieces of your wardrobe for many years. Patterns and colours can something complicate things, and you like to keep your style uncomplicated. You know how to add a feminine touch to every outfit, without having to add lace and frills.

The Tulip

You are incredibly positive and laid back. You have a very “go with the flow” type personality and are usually fairly easy to please.  You have a resiliency that most admire, and have a tendency to fly under the radar. You’re not one to start waves or drama, you prefer everyone to just get along.

When it comes to the clothes you wear, you go for comfort all the way! You dip your style toe in both the girly girl pool and the tom boy waters. You, much like the orchid, don’t like to over complicate things. Most days, your favorite pair of denim and a solid tee is exactly what you need. You sometimes experiment with colours, however bold and bright isn’t exactly your style. You like your classic patterns and plaid and stripes are your go too looks. You like to get dressed up when the occasion calls for it, but you are the first to change back into your jeans when the day is over.

The Calla Lily

You are the strong, silent type. You see the world with a “less is more” type of view, and you appreciate the little things in life. You are independent, passionate and love a challenge. You prefer to lead, not follow and you are always up for new things. You find comfort in your own company and a quiet night at home with a good book.

Much like your personality traits, your wardrobe can say all the same things. You too tend to gravitate towards black fabrics. You like to look in control and confident, and a lot of the time, black is the fabric colour to do just that. You like to pave the way with possible new fashion trends, that way if they catch on, you can say you did it first. When out and about in the world, you enjoy a very well put together look. You like things to be just so, even if that means sacrificing comfort for style. However the moment you are in the comfort of your own home, you are all about what’s comfortable.

The Hydrangea

You are a team player! You gather strength from those around you and are always there to help build others up. You have a versatility about you that allows you to meet new people and try new things constantly. You are on the go almost all the time and you love to live life that way.

Your fashion sense is adaptable and always changing. You allow your clothing to be versatile and fit with whatever situation you may find yourself in. You like to keep with the latest trends; however you are always on the go and changing things on the fly. You sometimes have your own idea of what is fashionable, and people love you for it! You have an outfit for just about everything and always extras should anyone need anything. You’re not afraid of colours, patterns or textures of any kind. The world is your oyster and your style just helps you to embrace it!

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