Wine Purifier 4 Pack

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4 single use wine purifiers

Purify your wine & skip the side effects. No more wine headaches, congestion or skin flush!

The Wand removes the components that cause side effects without affecting the natural taste, aromas or colour of wine.


  • Patented: The only wine purifier that removes up to 95% of histamines and sulfites from all wine types
  • Portable & Disposable: Fits in purse or pocket; nothing to carry or clean. Single use
  • Convenient: Starts to purify instantly. Allow at least 3 minutes for wine to purify in the glass
  • No Wasted Wine: PureWine technology restores opened, oxidized wine back to its natural taste 

Studies show up to 75% of wine drinker experience side effects, like headaches, congestion and flushing. The culprits? Histamines and sulfites naturally found in both red and white wine.

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