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Turn an everyday pretzel twist into an incredible gourmet delight with our Wacky Twists Seasoning Blends. They are easy to prepare with no baking and virtually no clean up. They will make you the hit of your next snack time, party, tail gate party. Wacky Twists are everyone’s favorite snack time choice. When you make your own flavoured pretzels with Wacky Twist Seasonings every single pretzel is covered in our amazing flavors. We all know the disappointment of buying a bag of flavored pretzels only to have about 50% coated in the flavour. Never a problem with Wacky Twists. They are delicious to the very last pretzel. There are no dud’s in that package.

NO MSG or artificial flavors or colours in any of these products.


-Into a large bowl, combine the entire contents of the Wacky Twists seasoning packet with ½ cup of canola oil or vegetable oil. Whisk till smooth.

-Place 1 pound of small pretzel twist into the bowl with the oil and spice blend. Stir until all pretzels are completely coated. Let rest 15 minutes.

-Stir pretzel mixture again to redistribute the seasoning blend. Let rest 15 minutes and repeat until Wacky Twists seasoning is dry. This usually only takes a couple of stirs.

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