Tooky Toy Car Carrier

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Product Details
  • Uniquely Designed and Colorful – Toy Truck carrier is made of a unique design that is attractive to the kids which catchy colors. This beautiful toy carrier is very colorful in all aspects and thereby initiating interests in the kids.
  • Great Gift for Kids – Kids love the toy truck car carrier, and they could be a great gift idea during this Christmas period. It is indeed a great delight to have such a fantastic gift for your kid, and it is most probable that they will like the present.
  • Inspires Creativity – Toy truck car carrier for kids inspires much creativity for the kids as they play along with it. By trying to imagine how this great and uniquely designed car carrier operates, their imagination is strengthened appropriately, and they become more creative.
  • Realistic Details – Car carrier toy contains a 5 – piece set which is inclusive of a wheeled truck which has a detachable carrier and three movable vehicles. These save you from buying additional components after acquiring a toy truck for your kid.
  • High quality and durable – Wonderful toy truck car carrier for the kids is made of high-quality woods together with the free cars that accompany it to ensure the durability of the set. The paints used on the open cars and the trucks are eco – friendly and healthy and hence your kid is safe.
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