DIY Wooden Mechanical Gears Vitascope

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  • You are going to recreate one of the earliest film projector, Vitascope, named by Thomas Edison. Running without any battery, the Vitascope delivers the animation scene by scene, giving the authentic 18th-century vibe to it. Experience first hand the earliest form of cinematography with hand-crank motor & included vintage motion film! Vitascope is a brilliant gift for any movie fan and a friendly project for the young enthusiast to join as well.
  • Product Details: 
    • Finished Product Dimension: 220 x 130 x 245 mm
    • Box Dimension: 357 x 235 x 46  mm
    • Materials: Wood
    • Wood Pieces: 183pcs
    • Weight: 800g
  • Time to Complete: ~8 hours.
  • Recommended Age: 14+
  • How to Play: Vitascope is best used in the darkroom, hold the toy to the white screen/ wall about 30cm, turn the handle and you will see the animation.
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