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Spring on the Sprouts

My First Time Growing Sprouts!

Happy spring everyone!  Although the weather lately has me feeling more winter than spring.  Snow in early April…yep welcome to Canada!  I decided it was time to get my grow on indoors!  I’ve heard sprouts are pretty easy to grow and wanted to give it a try.  Alfalfa sprouts are a favourite of mine. They taste great on wraps, sandwiches and salads. They are also super nutritious.  Did you know that they are the only plant that contains a complete range of vitamins A, B,C, E and K? Plus they are loaded with calcium, potassium, folic acid, magnesium and phosphorus.  Better yet…they are low cal! I took pictures along the way to show you how fast and easy it was. Be sure to check out the end of my blog for my killer cobb salad pic with my homegrown sprouts!

What I used: 
  • Mason jar
  • Sprouting lid
  • Sprouting seeds (I used alfalfa seeds but there are other varieties too) 
  • Bowl to prop the jar

Here at Cindy’s we carry a sprouting kit with the jar, lid and seeds to make your growing experience easy.

Here’s what I did:
  1. I took about 1 heaping tablespoon of sprout seeds and placed in the mason jar.

2. I  soaked the seeds in about one inch of water for about an hour in the mason jar and screwed the sprouting lid tightly on the jar.

3. After about an hour I drained the water. What I found when I was pouring the water out was to do it slowly so that all of the seeds don’t get stuck at the bottom. If this does happen, which it did to me the first time, I  just added water again and re-drained the water to make sure the seeds were nearer to the top of the lid.

4. I put the mason jar sprout lid facing downward in the bowl so that the remainder of the water will drain out.

5. I repeated this about 3 times a day for five days, rinsing the seeds with cold water and place the jar back in bowl. (If you don’t rinse the seeds mould could form). It’s important to keep the growing sprouts seeds out of direct light in order to make sure they grow properly.







The instructions on the seed package says that you can have sprouts ready in three days however I found not all the shells of the seeds had fallen off yet so I chose to wait the five days which was perfect. 

I took my fresh sprouts out of the jar and placed them in a glass container (I lined the base of the container with a paper towel to keep sprouts moist) and put them in my fridge.

I made an awesome cobb salad the first night the alfalfa sprouts were ready.  The biggest difference I noticed  from the store bought to the ones I grew was the taste. I find sometimes the store bought sprouts are a bit strong, however my fresh grown sprouts had a really beautiful light fresh taste and wonderful crunch.

Overall the sprouts were super easy to grow, mess-free and fun to watch grow in such a short period of time.  This is something absolutely anyone (green thumb or not!) can do and would be a cool activity to show kids how food grows.

 Happy Growing!


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