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Olive Oil and your Garden

Did you know that olive oil is not only great for your health but it is also very helpful in your garden?! Olive oil is a natural repellent and can help keep those pesky pets away!

We may be a few months away from being able to plant and spend time in our gardens but you can use these tips to your advantage with your houseplants for now.  Here are 3 ways in which the amazing olive oil you cook with can also be used to help your garden grow.

1) Olive oil is a natural repellent!

Find the hole that the pesky critters have created and take small towel and saturate it with the oil.

Place the towel in the hole and the smell will send them running to a new home. This will keep the moles, soft bodied insects and mites away.

2) Keep your plants shiny, looking great & healthy!

For your indoor plants, just take some oil in your hands and gently rub into the leaves of your houseplants and watch how beautiful they look.

It keeps their roots extra absorbent & moist….and it will leave your plants glistening with a healthy and dust-free finish.

3) Use on your garden tools!

Rub oil on your garden tools after using them, it keeps the dirt and dust away and keeps them shiny.

This can also be used as rust prevention, a very thin layer is all that you need.

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