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It’s Time to Prepare your Soil

It’s Time to Prepare your Soil

Spring is upon us and as the sun shines brighter and gets warmer you’ll start to dream about the amazing garden you will grow this year!  Whether you’re planning on growing big bright colorful flowers, or fruit and veggie plants bearing plentiful fresh food, right now is the time to ask yourself one important question – is my soil ready for the job!?  Yes, that’s right, before we can grow those amazing plants we must provide them with the base they need to reach their full potential. Here are some simple tips to help you prepare your soil for growing amazing plants this year:

Compost:  This is the best thing you can do to help yourself grow great plants.  Compost is basically decomposed natural material, and it can be found anywhere and everywhere.  You may even be creating your own compost (if you are good for you!) with your organic waste from inside your home (banana peels etc) or from last year’s yard clippings and leaves.  If you do not have this luxury than no problem – your local garden center will have cow or sheep manure or other forms of compost. If you’re going to buy manure, please do yourself a favour and buy manure that is hopefully certified by the Compost Quality Alliance. Another great compost, and it’s maybe the best, is earth worm castings. Earthworms are the best thing for your garden so if you see lots of them in your soil when you’re planting than that’s a good sign your soil is full of nutrients. Here at Cindy’s we have a giant garden that we compost all our old plants and organic material in, and this soil is unbelievably spectacular for growing anything!

Turn it over:  OK so now that you’re convinced that it’s a good idea to add compost to your soil, you’re probably wondering two things – how much do I add?  And how deep do I dig? There is no “rule” here to go by so it’s not exact science, and the type of soil you have and how well it drains are factors to consider.  For example, if your soil is mostly clay, you would want to add a significant amount of compost, and in fact adding some sand to the clay would help as well. But that’s entirely another blog.  So, let’s say that since we’re here in Essex County your soil is average. If this is the case than I would add roughly 2 inches of compost on top of my planting area. As for mixing it in with the existing soil, I would attempt to go down a good 6 inches for average size plants, and if you’re planning on growing large plants then try to get down to 8 or 9 inches.

I’ve covered the real basics here of putting down a good base for your plants.  Remember just like your house needs a solid foundation, so too do your plants, and that would be their soil.  Here at Cindy’s we carry high end potting soil that we’ve had great success with over the years, so come and talk to us and we’ll be glad to help make your garden the envy of your neighborhood!  


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