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House Plants for Happiness

House plants are beautiful, and they bring a sense of the outdoors inside.  But did you know they are scientifically proven to purify your air?  That’s right, NASA did a study in the late 80’s that showed certain varieties of house plants actually filter out harmful pollutants floating around in the air in your home.  Let’s take a quick look how they do their thing…

We all learned in grade school that plants photosynthesize to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.  But did you know that besides CO2, the air in your home can also contain asbestos, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, nitrogen dioxide, radon, pesticides and VOC’s???  These sound like rare chemicals, but they are present in your home because of all the “manufactured” products that are common today in everything from plastic bags to furniture to facial tissues and so much more.  The NASA studied showed that certain house plants will filter out many of these harmful chemicals.  These plants also have the added benefits as they help to lift your mood, easy anxiety and generally give your indoor spaces a more natural and earthy appearance.  In this day and age, we can all benefit with a little more nature in our lives.

Are all house plants the same?  In short, no they are not.  While adding any living plants to your home is beneficial, there are certain plants that do a better job of purifying your air.  The plants that are best are Snake Plant (sansevieria trifasciata), English Ivy (hedera helix), Golden Pothos (epiprenum aureum) and Dracaena (commonly called Janet Craig plant).  This is just a partial list, and the great news is most of these are available at Cindy’s currently.  There have also been studies done that show house plants can help with certain airborne allergies.  Just make sure you’re gently dusting these plants regularly to make sure the dust doesn’t make them counter productive!   

Everyone is striving to improve the health of themselves and their families.  These beautiful house plants can be one added aspect to help improve your indoor spaces.  In general, they are quite easy to care for and will live very long lives if well cared for.  Given what we spend on chemical based “air fresheners”, house plants are a cost-effective way to purify your air naturally and add a touch of nature to your living space.  Cindy’s carries a wide variety of indoor plants, so visit us today or call any time if you have additional questions.  Breathe well my friends!


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