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7 Tips for a Happy Healthy Earth

7 Tips for a Happy Healthy Earth

Happy Birthday Planet Earth! April 22nd is Earth Day and really, it’s a reminder to all of us humans to think about how amazing and wonderful our planet is. Think about how special Earth is…  out of the 100 billion planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, as far as we know Earth is the only one that supports life as we know it! The Earth is more than 4.5 billion years old, and it has seen many changes, but unfortunately there’s a change that’s happening right now that is starting to have devastating effects on the planet and all of it’s life forms – humans included – and it’s called Global Warming.  There are several schools of thought as to why this phenomenon is happening… but regardless of what version we individually choose to believe, the science shows that it is indeed happening. So, the question now is “How do we fix it?”

Here are some simple tips anyone and everyone can do to help slow Global Warming down, help clean the air and the oceans, and help give Mother Earth a helping hand in getting healthy once again for future generations…

1 – Have Plants!

This is the easy one…  try adding a few perennial plants or bushes to your landscaping.  Not only does it add beauty and colour, they help clean the air, slow down soil erosion and even attract beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds. At Cindy’s we carry a large variety of perennials including Butterfly Bushes, Trilliums and dozens of different varieties of sun or shade perennials. Another easy one is Boston Ferns. These beautiful ferns are easy to care for and add a nice tropical look to your home, they’re also great indoors!  Right now, we have some huge Boston Ferns available in our garden center.

2 – Recycle!

Although we all try to recycle, I’m sure we can all agree that every one of us can do even better!! There are always those times where we’re too tired to walk that water bottle to the recycle bin, or we are in a location that only has trash containers instead of recycling containers. Let’s think twice before we take the easy route and throw that plastic bottle into the trash…  maybe hang on to it and recycle it at home? If we all give a little more effort we can help eliminate pollution especially in our waterways. Did you know that there’s an island of plastic in the Pacific that is roughly the size of Texas? It’s sad and it’s killing precious marine wildlife. So, let’s all do more starting today!

3 – Eliminate Plastic Bags!

This one is very easy and it’s something we can all do to help.  Get yourself a few good reusable shopping bags and the next time you buy groceries say no thank you to the plastic bags. At Cindy’s we’re trying to do our part – we’ve decided to switch to biodegradable plastic bags, these earth friendly bags break down in as little as 3 months!

4 – Love LED Lights!  

Here is a fast and simple tip…  Replace all your light bulbs with LED’s.  They are now very affordable and the energy savings will make up for the cost of the bulbs.  

5 – Carpool!  

Missions from automobiles are the number one producer of greenhouse gases.  Maybe we can ride share with a neighbor or co-worker? Maybe the kids can walk or ride their bikes to soccer practice instead of getting a ride?  Also consider getting an electric mower for your lawn, or an electric weed whacker.

6 – Laundry Like Mom!  

How fondly I remember as a kid running through the rows and rows of laundry hanging outside to dry – those were the days!  My mother always said she loved the fresh smell of the bed sheets when they air-dried outside on the line… Not only was she right about that, she was also helping save the planet.  If you have a backyard, consider installing some clothes lines and forego burning energy by using the dryer.

7 – Buy Local or Grow Your Own!  

These are 2 great ways you can help save the planet.  If you can, try and grow some veggies or herbs yourself.  This not only gives you the freshest food, but it also helps reduce energy consumption and more importantly reduces packaging and waste.  If you can’t grow your own, try buying local. Again, this is a great way to help local business and in turn helps to reduce waste. Think of all the things it takes to get strawberries from Mexico to Canada…  processing, packaging, transportation… it all contributes to waste and global warming. At Cindy’s we carry a large assortment of seeds to help you get started on your own herb/fruit/veggie garden so stop in and ask us how!

It’s imperative now more than ever that we reduce emissions.  I myself used to be guilty of saying “I’m only one person what will it matter” but with almost 7.5 billion people on earth, all it takes is just a little effort from as many people as possible and together we can save this spectacular planet we’re blessed to call home.  


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