Lampe Berger- A unique ritual, purifies the air, destroys undesirable odours and leaves a long lasting fragrance.

Lighting a Lampe Berger is truly a ritual for wellbeing- just a few simple gestures and the magic takes over….

Fill your lamp 2/3 full with fragrance, place the wick in the lamp and wait 20 minutes for the fragrance to soak in, using a lighter light the stone and burn the wick for 2 minutes before blowing the flame out, allow the fragrance to cleanse and release the aroma and cap the lamp once a desired amount of fragrance is released.

Use your Lampe regularly to eliminate unwanted odours from your home when cooking, from your pets, tobacco and other domestic smells.

Three sizes for fragrance:

1L- 40 hours of usage for 160 hours of fragrancing,

500ml– 20 hours of usage for 80 hours of fragrancing

180ml– 7 hours of usage for 28 hours of fragrancing.